Ride Bike MS with Wrestling MS - Kansas City Sept 22/23 - New York City Oct 21

Bike MS KC
Sat & Sunday
Sept 22/23, 2018

For More Info Call 877-LWMS-190

Wrestling MS Bike Program

We put people with MS on bikes - and on the road to a better life.

We are looking for MS patients who are willing to fight the challenges of MS. People with heart and commitment to living as fully as they can. They don't need to be experienced cyclists, or in good shape. They just need a good pair of athletic shoes, the will to wrestle MS, and the heart of a champion. If they have that - we provide everything else

Once they're chosen for the bike program we give them a bike, a cool cycling outfit from Primal Wear, a training program, and lots of support. As one of our 'teammates' we ride with them in weekly training rides, encourage them, challenge them and celebrate with them as they regain their Balance, Strength and Freedom.  

“I like this idea.  What do I need to do to join?” Begin by using the email button (below on this page) to send for more details and an application. Once you receive an email back from us, read it over, if it looks like a good fit, fill out the application and send it back to us. We'll review it and set up a time to talk by phone.

“What type of training program do you offer? We offer a standard 12-15 week training program to take you from just starting out to riding 20 miles or more. Once you join the program our coaches will work with you, as needed, to adapt the training program to fit your physical needs. 

“How does biking help me battle MS?” Biking offers a low impact way to exercise. Most everyone regardless of being in or out of shape can ride a bike long enough to get a training effect. Cycling is proven to increase balance, muscle strength and control. And just as important as the physical benefits is the emotional support, purpose and social networking the program offers. 

“What happens after I begin my training program?” First even before you start your training you'll get a call from our Founder Les Gatrel and our coach. They'll review the program with you, any special needs and any questions you have. They'll continue to encourage you to progress weekly through the program to gain balance, strength, endurance and confidence. You'll be part of our cycling team riding alongside the board members, supporters, and other MS patients on the team from your area. You'll  join them on regular team training rides in your area and rides with the local cycling community as well. Our goal is to help you progress throughout the riding season (April-October) to the point where you can participate in one of our longer team rides like the Mule Grinder that we put on, or the local Bike MS ride.

“What’s included in the bike package?” Everything but the shoes and the will power! As an MS patient you will be a 'Sponsored Rider' on the team meaning we provide you with equipment and a uniform from Primal Wear just like a professional athlete receives. We even have a 'Signing Day' to present you with your bike and jersey just like you see the pros do when they sign with a new team. We will provide you with a custom fitted Wrestling MS quality hybrid bike such as a Trek, Specialized or Fuji, a Wrestling MS team uniform including a helmet, and some awesome cycling 'kit' from our sponsor Primal Wear including a custom cycling jersey, padded cycling shorts (you'll thank us for them later), padded cycling gloves and socks. We'll also give you a water bottle and cage, a phone carrying case, spare tubes, training software, and a training program. You can see a picture of the entire bike package below in the slide show.

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Les Gatrel's Story - Our Inspiration

Like many MS patients, when Les Gatrel was diagnosed with MS he saw a future of disability, loss of financial security, and life turned upside down. 

That's when his college fraternity brothers and wrestling teammates challenged Les to take up cycling as a way to fight MS. Struggling with a loss of balance, muscle control and strength he couldn't ride 100 feet when he started. But through their encouragement and support and his dedicated training over the last few years Les has made tremendous strides in regaining his health. From his first 12 mile ride on a tandem bike to riding 470 miles across Iowa in 7 days, he's become an avid cyclist and ambassador of cycling covering over 4000 miles in the last 3 years! 

Inspired by what others have done to help him, and how this cycling program "saved my life", Les started Les Wrestles MS and the Wrestling MS cycling program with the goal of helping other MS patients like him. Les has brought the same work ethic and commitment to his new passion as he did to wrestling and business. 

Today Les devotes his time to helping other MS patients find hope, strength and freedom by wrestling MS through cycling.

National Partners

Bike MS - I Ride With MS

Bike MS and Wrestling MS work closely with MS patients in the 'I Ride With MS' program sponsored by Primal Wear and Sanofi. Any MS patient who is registered in the 'I Ride With MS" program can become a FREE member of the Wrestling MS National Cycling Team.

Primal Wear

Primal Wear is the sponsor and 'Official' provider of the Wrestling MS Cycling Team's jerseys and uniform kits.  Primal offers a wide array of the finest unique cycling jerseys, and custom cycling team apparel.

MS Fitness Challenge

The mission of the MS Fitness Challenge to provide guidance and  support to people with MS worldwide in an effort to educate and train  them in the benefits of exercise and nutrition in winning the battle against Multiple Sclerosis. MSFC pays for these programs through the donations of its supporters.