The Wrestling MS Team

Executive Team & Board of Directors

Our mission is to Motivate, Educate and Challenge those with MS to lead active, balanced lives. We are built on the principles of fraternity, commitment to each other, and service to others before self.

MS Champions

We call our riders with multiple sclerosis MS Champions. No matter where they are on the MS spectrum our riders are athletes who are wrestling MS with the heart of a champion. 

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board provides professional subject matter expertise helping us to understand MS, the needs of those with MS, and how to effectively tailor our programs to help those wrestling MS.


Jim McNamara

Chairman and CEO

Board of Directors

LES GATREL (Kansas City) - MS Patient, 2X NCAA All American Wrestler, NCAA Div II Coach of the Year, Member of Two Wrestling Hall of Fames, Successful Insurance Executive.
GARY ERVIN (Kentucky) - Founder and Chairman of Ervin Cable Construction, Cable Pioneer Hall of Fame, 2016 PSK Distinguished Alumni, Pilot, Triathlete, 2X contestant on TV's Amazing Race, he has run the Boston and New York marathons, and climbed tallest mountain on four continents; Mt. Everest, Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro, and Mt. Elbrus.
MIKE ELIAS (Jacksonville, Florida) - Professional Fundraising Executive, former Executive Director of PSK National Foundation, Founder and President of Sustainable Development.
DUANE FRITCHIE (Kansas City) - Retired Science Teacher, NCAA All American Wrestler, Ironman Champion, World Champion Triathlate, 2016  US Aquabike National Champion.
MIKE HAGERTY (Kansas City) - Legendary Wrestling Coach and Official. USA Wrestling Hall of Fame, Missouri Wrestling Association Hall of Fame, Missouri USA Wrestling Hall  of Fame, UCM Athletic Hall of Fame. 14X NCAA Div I and Div II Finals referee, 5X Wrestling Coach of the Year, 6X USA World Team coach,  2X USA Wrestling Developmental Coach of the Year, Coach of USA Wrestling and Olympic programs, and 2015 University World Champions. Former President and Board member of NCAA National Wrestling Coaches Association. Founder and Executive Director of       Inter-Collegiate Wrestling Officials Association. 
JIM MCNAMARA (NYC) - Global Executive, Board Advisor and Investor. Digital Media and Mobile Advertising Pioneer. Launched  new mobile advertising and data businesses for Verizon, Sprint & Telefonica  in the US and EU. Founder and CEO of Wasabi Mobile.
DR. MIKE NICHOLS (St. Louis) - Nationally recognized medical researcher at Mayo Clinic, Purdue, and University of Missouri St. Louis.
MERRILL NORRIS (Des Moines) - Retired Hewlett Packard executive. NCAA National Qualifying wrestler, Wrestling Hall of Legends
DAN POWER (Wichita, Kansas) - Retired Limited Partner at Edward D. Jones, Hall of Fame Wrestler, 2016 UCM Distinguished Alumni for Community Service, Investment Chair of $51 million University Foundation. International Outdoorsmen and Big Game Hunter.

Advisory Board

David Lyons


           Founder, The MS Fitness Challenge                  

Yahoo called David Lyons the #1 person for fitness and MS on the internet.     

Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2006 at the  age of 47, as a bodybuilder and former owner of fitness centers, Lyons made the choice to fight MS head-on through bodybuilding. He founded the MS  Bodybuilding Challenge in 2008, and in 2009, at age 50, competed in his  first bodybuilding contest with MS, winning a Most Inspirational trophy.  That year David was presented with the Milestone Award by the National  MS Society. In 2012, Lyons and his wife, Kendra, a registered nurse,  created the MS Fitness Challenge to support people with MS in their efforts to stay as fit as possible, overcome limitations, and keep their bodies moving.

David  attributes his strength and determination to the power of God in his  life. He is a contributor to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes as a  writer and speaker. In 2015, Lyons was honored by bodybuilding legend  Arnold Schwarzenegger with the Health Advocate Lifetime Achievement  Award, in 2016 he received the Lifetime Fitness Inspiration Award from  the Global Bodybuilding Organization, an international fitness  federation, and in 2017 David was honored by the National Fitness Hall  of Fame with a Special Recognition Award.

Lyons is the author of David's Goliath, an autobiographical story of his journey with MS, and his new book, Everyday Health and Fitness With Multiple Sclerosis, is  for anyone who wants to get in top shape while battling physical or  emotional obstacles to getting started. He is also a columnist for Everyday Health writing about fitness for MS and other extraordinary people conquering MS in a unique way through exercise. 

Along  with Practical Fitness Online MS, David works with organizations such  as Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, Medical Fitness Network and MS Views  & News to help educate and train both fitness professionals and  MSers on the importance of fitness, nutrition and mindset in battling  this disease. He is also a Founding Partner of the National Fitness Hall  of Fame Institute for educating fitness specialists and enthusiasts.

David has been brought on as a personal trainer educator with the National Federation of Fitness Professionals (NFPT)  and has launched the MS Fitness Essentials course, which he developed to help trainers become educated on how to work with people battling MS through fitness. 

In  his latest role, David is now part of the Wrestling MS biking  organization as Senior Exercise Coach and Advisory Board member to  provide people with MS bikes, hope and support to help them regain  balance, strength and freedom. 

Here is a quote as well from me for your website:

As  an athlete who was blindsided by my MS diagnosis in 2006, I have  learned that through my faith, determination, positive reinforcement and  a proper fitness program I could rise above this disease and continue  to fight MS through my sport of bodybuilding. I am honored to be part of  the Wrestling MS cause to encourage, educate and train those who choose  biking as a means to conquer MS. It is not one aspect of fitness that  wins the battle against MS, it is a combination and collaboration of  many, and biking is a powerful weapon in the war!  

Coach Sandie Reilly

      Wrestling MS CYCLING COACH                                             

Sandie started cycling when she was diagnosed with MS herself.

Amanda Steele